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Working Actor Archives
Katherine Hepbern & Bob Hope [August 2003]
Hepburn & Hope
August 2003
Ernie Hudson [July 2003]
Ernie Hudson
July 2003
John Getz [June 2003]
John Getz
June 2003
John Wayne [April 2003]
John Wayne
April 2003
Len Lesser [March 2003]
Len Lesser
March 2003
Anne Gee Byrd [Febuary 2003]
Anne Gee Byrd
Febuary 2003
Paul Jenkins [January 2003]
Paul Jenkins
January 2003
Bo Hopkins [December 2002]
Bo Hopkins
December 2002
Scott Wilson [October 2002]
Scott Wilson
October 2002
Mario Roccuzzo [September 2002]
Mario Roccuzzo
September 2002
Michael Monks [August 2002]
Michael Monks
August 2002
Peter Jason [July 2002]
Peter Jason
July 2002
John Moskoff [June 2002]
John Moskoff
June 2002
James Reynolds [May 2002]
James Reynolds
May 2002
Mindy Sterling [April 2002]
Mindy Sterling
April 2002
Chelcie Ross [March 2002]
Chelcie Ross
March 2002
Barry Jenner [February 2002]
Barry Jenner
February 2002
John Aylward [January 2002]
John Aylward
January 2002
Denis Arndt [December 2001]
Denis Arndt
December 2001
Bill Smitrovich [November 2001]
Bill Smitrovich
November 2001
Alice Hirson [October 2001]
Alice Hirson
October 2001
Warren Stevens [September 2001]
Warren Stevens
September 2001
Stephen Elliott [August 2001]
Stephen Elliott
August 2001
Eugene Roche [July 2001]
Eugene Roche
July 2001
Jon Polito [June 2001]
Jon Polito
June 2001
Peter Riegert [May 2001]
Peter Riegert
May 2001
Bonnie Bartlett [April 2001]
Bonnie Bartlett
April 2001
William Daniels [March 2001]
William Daniels
March 2001
Dick Whittinghill [February 2001]
Dick Whittinghill
February 2001
Chris Ellis [January 2001]
Chris Ellis
January 2001
James Whitmore Jr. [December 2000]
James Whitmore Jr.
December 2000
Vince Grant [November 2000]
Vince Grant
November 2000
Judith Hoag [October 2000]
Judith Hoag
October 2000
Madison Mason [September 2000]
Madison Mason
September 2000
Jay Acovone [August 2000]
Jay Acovone
August 2000
Richard Riehle [July 2000]
Richard Riehle
July 2000
Charlie Brill [June 2000]
Charlie Brill
June 2000
Edie McClurg [May 2000]
Edie McClurg
May 2000
Miguel Sandoval [April 2000]
Miguel Sandoval
April 2000
Tom Bower [March 2000]
Tom Bower
March 2000
Amy Aquino [February 2000]
Amy Aquino
February 2000
Danny Chambers [January 2000]
Danny Chambers
January 2000
Eve Gordon [December 1999]
Eve Gordon
December 1999
Barbara Niven [November 1999]
Barbara Niven
November 1999
Bill Lucking [October 1999]
Bill Lucking
October 1999
Richard Roundtree [September 1999]
Richard Roundtree
September 1999
Pat Harrington [August 1999]
Pat Harrington
August 1999
Robert Donner [July 1999]
Robert Donner
July 1999

 I Know What John Frizzell Did This Summer
Dan Goldwasser's Interview w/John Frizzell
 Revisiting The Matrix
Mike Patti's Interview w/Don Davis
 The Practically Ravenous Michael Nyman
Dan Goldwasser's Interview
 The Last Twenty Years: The Film Music (Re)Evolution
By Film Score Monthly's Alan Vallely
 Five Frequently Asked Questions
Answered by Film Score Monthly's Lukas Kendall
 Getting to Know Roddy Bottum
Dan Goldwasser's Interview with Roddy Bottum
 Analyzing The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
by Matt Berry
 Keeping Up Tempo
Dan Goldwasser's Interview with Pete Anthony
 Goldenthal's Frida Fantacy
Dan Goldwasser's Interview with Elliot Goldenthal
 Staying in the picture
Dan Goldwasser's Interview with Jeff Danna
 Badelt's Russian Tea Party
Dan Goldwasser's Interview with Klaus Badelt
 Raiding The Tomb
Dan Goldwasser's Interview with Graeme Revell
 Talking Beyond
Dan Goldwasser's Interview w/Kristopher Carter
 Particle Man in the Middle
Dan Goldwasser's Interview w/John Flansburgh
 Lounging with Larry Groupe
Dan Goldwasser's Interview
 The Music of Moulin Rouge : The Songs
Interview w/Marius de Vries & Anton Monsted
 Legally Kent
Dan Goldwasser's Interview w/Rolfe Kent
 The Talented Mr. Shearmur
Dan Goldwasser's Interview w/Ed Shearmur
 Spying on Harry
Dan Goldwasser's Interview w/Harry Gregson-Williams
 And in the Darkness Bind Them
Dan Goldwasser's Interview w/Howard Shore
 From Spys to Royalty
Dan Goldwasser's Interview w/John Debney
 A New Avalon
Dan Goldwasser's Interview w/Lee Holdrige
 Schifrin's Latest Rush!
Dan Goldwasser's Interview w/Lalo Schifrin
 Could Be Worse....... could be raining!
Dan Goldwasser's Interview w/Don Davis
 Speaking About The Tribe
Dan Goldwasser's Interview w/Russ Landau
 Dan Goldwasser's Interview w/Alan Silvestri
 Dan Goldwasser's Interview w/Tan Dun  Dan Goldwasser's Interview w/John Altman
 The Gstaad Memorandum an Interview w/John Barry  Dan Goldwasser's Interview w/Tyler Bates
 Dan Goldwasser's Interview w/Justin Caine Burnett  Doug Adam's Interview w/Alf Clausen
 Doug Adam's Interview w/Danny Elfman  Getting to know Elmer Bernstein by: Dan Goldwasser
 Lukas Kendall's Interview w/John Beal  John Beals Article - Heart Attack City
 Graeme Revell's Sci-Fi Adventure by: Dan Goldwasser  G. Marq Roswell's Knockout Punch by: Dan Goldwasser
 Shirley Walker's Musical Destination by: Dan Goldwasser  So You Want to be a Film Composer?
 Craig L. Byrd's Interview w/John Williams  Edwin Black's Interview w/Hans Zimmer

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