Dummy Awards
Dummy Awards Well, it's here again........ Awards Show Season! And since everyone else has a voting venue, we decided we should have one too. So, here it is
Let's find out who can garner the coveted First I.A.S.A. Dummy!.
Tell us what you think of the Awards Show Glut. Perhaps you are leery about the integrity of the results of the many Awards. Many believe those who are backed by the biggest P.R. Campaign have the best chances, or perhaps it's the one's who are part of the Hollywood "In" crowd.
Well this voting venue will not be affected by those kind of influences.
But that's not to say that a check in our P.O. Box couldn't sway the voting!
Note: Anything we find there will be donated to the Motion Picture Relief Fund.

Which Award Show Has The Most Credibility?
Emmy Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (The Emmy)
DGA Directors Guild (DGA) Awards
#FFAA00en Globe Foreign Press Association Golden Globes
Oscar Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (The Oscar)
MTV MTV Awards
Image Award NAACP Image Awards
Actor Screen Actors Guild Awards (The Actor)
TV Guide IndustryCentral Award Show Awards (The Dummy)

Does the number of Awards Shows dilute the value of the results?
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Are these Shows judged equitably?
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